GIS & Mapping

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS harnesses the power of modern technology to produce maps and manage spatial data.

GIS in the Town of Taos exists to organize, analyze, and communicate geographic information related to the Town’s services.  Most commonly, this is achieved through the creation of maps.   These may be hard copy maps or interactive web maps.  GIS analysis and mapping helps administrators and elected officials to make informed decisions and communicate with the citizens and businesses of Taos.

Maps on this website:

  • Zoning Review Web Map
    • An interactive web map with many of the Town's important GIS layers available to the public.
  • PDF Maps
    • Maps available for download, including the Town of Taos Zoning Map and a map of Streets and Addresses.  These two maps are wall maps sized 36"x48".

If you need assistance or have questions about maps or data, contact Tim Corner, GIS Analyst: